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  • 執筆者の写真Erika Masui


Hello! This is Erika from English Flower Garden.





In the Pre-PBL class, we explored different cultures, celebrations, traditions, games, and food in our WORLD Unit. In the future, I plan to make opportunities for these children to connect virtually with schools/children worldwide. We have (and are still doing) these projects in PBL class, so as a preparation, I gave this class a chance to learn about the world in many fun ways.


世界のお正月について、moon festival(月の中に見えるものは国によって全然違う!)、イタリア(食事)、ケニア(動物やゲーム)、インド(美術)、ペルー(世界遺産や動物)についてわかりやすく、楽しく、クラフトやゲームも取り入れながら、世界地図を眺めて、「世界に目を向ける」ことをしてきました。

From January to March, we learned about New Year's celebrations around the world, moon festivals (and how other countries see different things in the moon), Italian culture (food), Kenyan culture (animals and games), Indian culture (art), and Peruvian culture (landmarks, food, and animals). The children got a chance to explore the world through English using photos (of mine!), books, and videos..


今年は夏前にPhonicsの基礎が終わるので、このクラスではNational Geographic のLookテキストブックを使う予定です。




I hope I can give more chances for children to understand the fun world that's waiting for them, beyond "learning" English.

We will be completing our basic phonics book, so I hope to start using the National Geographic textbook "LOOK" soon. This book aims to "help learners make connections in English between their lives and the world they live in".

I can't wait to use this book with this class, as well :)





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