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  • 執筆者の写真Erika Masui

【Native English Class】Presentation time!


Hello! This is Erika from English Flower Garden. Last term, my PBL class students worked on creating presentations. The children wrote their presentations and selected an art/technology medium to deliver their messages. Some kids created short videos, posters, and interactive activities involving the participants. The themes were fascinating, covering a wide range of topics such as "Deforestation," "All about Penguins," "Global Warming," "Importance of Children's Physical Health," "Lizards," and "Alien Animal Problems in Ogasawara Island." I was impressed! Throughout the five years of learning together, we explored many subjects, so the students did not need much assistance selecting a topic and expressing their opinions.

Writing a presentation is not easy. But the children brainstormed what they already knew about their chosen topics and identified areas they wanted to study deeper. I also encouraged them to include personal experiences. We also discussed the most suitable art/technology format that matches their topic to deliver their messages. The students created fantastic presentations and delivered them confidently on the day.

Great job, everyone!

These are photos of when they were preparing their presentations.

And these are photos from the presentation day.



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