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  • 執筆者の写真Erika Masui

【Outdoor Theatre】 自然の中での英語劇


During September and October, when we still could not use our usual classroom for our lessons, we met outside and worked on a performing arts project. We created our own story together while we gathered ideas outside. The first day we met, we listed scenes, characters, problems and events that take place in a story. I had a set of cards of different characters, personalities, objects, settings and conflicts. We took turns taking a card and adding them to the story. The children really got into this activity, and they soon came up with what our story would be about.

We also made props outside using paper, sticks and leaves. The children were amazing. It took 2 lessons to complete the story and they also helped me compose 2 songs for the story. It was a great experience!

Synopsis of the story

The title of the story was "Magical Forest Land" - the setting is in a forest where fairies, witches, princesses, girls and boys live happily together. One day, they receive a mysterious letter that invites all of them to a party at Magical River Land. They had never been invited to a party ever since they fought and had been divided and separated from each other. They were surprised but decided to go. On the way, they meet the zombies who did not want to let anyone go through their land. They had to find out the former name of the land before the separation from the wise old wizard, and when they did, they were allowed to go through. Even though they had given them the name, the zombies did not trust them at all. They fooled everyone by leading them to a dead end. It turned out that they did not trust them because they were always ignored by everyone. All they wanted was to be friends,and build trust and bring back unity between everyone. When they were all honest with each other, they finally got to show their secret bridge that they were building which connected both lands. They wanted the former name so they could carve it into the bridge. The zombies became friends with everyone, and they all had a great time at the party.










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