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  • 執筆者の写真Erika Masui

2021年 Summer School

Hello! This is Erika from English Flower Garden :)

I am posting this a little late, but we had a great time at summer school this year! I will post some highlights.



The world of colours!


Day 1

Along with some games and science experiments, the kids drew some beautiful pictures after reading a story about a girl who thinks she can’t draw but her teacher believes she can and encourages her to draw a mark (a dot) and see where it takes her.

カラーの科学実験に加え、"The Dot"という絵本を読みアーティストになりきってみました!

この絵本"The Dot" は「絵が描けない」と言っている女の子に対して、「とにかく印を描いてみて、どうなるか見てみるのよ」と先生が声をかけてくれます。Dotがいろんな絵になっていくのが楽しくなり、誰でもアーティストになれるということを教えてくれるお話です♪

Day 2

Lots of fun games outdoors using a parachute, water balloons and paint. We read “Sky Color” and talked about the different colors we see in the sky. We also dyed washi paper and made these fans.

2日目は野外でした!天気の良い日で色探しやパラシュートを使って歌を歌ったりしました♪Sky Colorという絵本を通して、空は青色だけではないことについて話しました。最後は折染めうちわをみんなで作りましたよ!

Summer School Day 3

Exploring landforms. After looking at various pictures of different landforms around the world, the children designed their own model of their imaginary place. I had fun designing, too


Summer School Day 4

Our main activity was making leaf printing bags. We didn’t use any paint! Just the natural dye from the plants we found outside. We also did a nature scavenger hunt and talked about our favorite places in nature.




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