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  • 執筆者の写真Erika Masui

Inventions! (PBL/探求型クラス)

Today was the day that children presented their inventions! Everyone is a future engineer! These all help us organize, tidy up, carry things and spend more time with siblings! 探求型クラスは最後に自分の発明を考え、創作し、発表しました。



They made their invention and wrote down what kind of problem it solves and how it works. Brilliant work!



1. Toys in the Box

(helps tidy up toys in the room)

2. Pick up my toys

(a basket to help pick up small and big toys)

3. Family football

(a game which can be played with siblings)

4. A “picker upper”

(a box that helps take up things from down stairs to upstairs)

5. My special bag

(a bag that helps organize your things. It has pockets and a holder for your drink)

6. The cleanup train

(A little train that can help put away the toys in the toy room.)



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