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  • 執筆者の写真Erika Masui

“Wonderful Town” (PBL 探究型クラス)

We had been learning about communities in our PBL class. The children got really into this theme. The first class began by brainstorming what our communities look like. Everyone drew these amazing maps!


We also talked about what we can find in our neighborhoods, what is necessary and what is not, who (what) is important in our community, do we like living in our communities, what we would like to change in our communities and what do kids like to do in our neighborhoods.


Through all the discussions in our lessons, the children worked together to decide what kind of community they would like to create together for their project. We talked about the theme of our community and what to include in it.

The main theme was... 1) A community that has good services for the poorer people. 2) An eco-friendly community.

ディスカッションを通して、子どもたちはどんなコミュニティを作りたいか決めました。コミュニティのテーマ、どんな建物、商店、施設を入れたいか全員で話し合い決めました。子どもたちが決めたテーマは 1)貧しい人への配慮あるサービスを行うコミュニティ 2)エコなコミュニティ でした。

Children designed the community so that people could get around to places mainly by train and by foot. Also some buildings had solar panels. They included a big 100 yen store so that people could buy more affordable things and a hotel that had special prices for poorer people.


These are the pictures of their 3D town called “Wonderful Town”






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