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  • 執筆者の写真Erika Masui

Summer School 2019


I had so much fun this year again with the kids during my summer school!

The main theme was about “The Tropical Rainforest“ - and we learned about different animals and some interesting facts about them.

We learned about river dolphins which change color according to the clarity of the water, about chameleons that camouflage to hide from their predators and prey, and finally about howler mokeys which are supposed to be the loudest mammal in the world!

We made one animal each day.

Also, we did some reading and writing activities for the higher level kids (reading about one animal each day) and did some phonics games and had fun making sounds or words with alphabet cards with the beginner level kids.

We did tie dying again this year and all of the shirts were very creative! This is one example...

Also we made instruments and a muddy pudding dessert haha

We all made a big rainforest diorama together. Look at how colorful it became!

今年のサマースクールは3日間で熱帯雨林の動物について学び、みんなで熱帯雨林のジオラマを作りました♬ 色が変わるRiver dolphins、カモフラージュをするカメレオン、そして哺乳類のなかで世界一うるさいと言われているHowler monkeysについて主に学び、ほかにもカラフルな動物の名前も学び毎日本の読み聞かせとクラフトを作りました。








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